Proposal Format

Your proposal should have a specific format, as follows:

1 – Summary (max. 200 words) 

2 – Description of the project (max. 1,000 words)

  • Background and significance (relevance and innovativeness) 
  • Objectives 
  • Main research question 
  • Theoretical framework 
  • Research approach

3 – References

Please Note: The purpose of requesting that you submit a project proposal is primarily an exercise to aid the programme Steering Committee in the assessment of your writing skills, knowledge and ability to envisage the impact of translation on your chosen topic; your project proposal is part of the selection procedure and will be judged on its innovativeness, its inter-/transdisciplinary approach (though the emphasis can be on one discipline), scientific quality, and societal relevance. However, please note that if you are selected for a PhD position within this programme, this does not imply you will be able to execute the research project that you designed in your research proposal.  The topic and overall design of your thesis is defined by your PhD supervising team, which consists of professors from at least two of the participating institutions in two different countries.